Seven Spies unleash kaleidoscopic new visuals for “Chameleon”

London based rock trio Seven Spies just dropped the video for their single “Chameleon” and their long-awaited debut does not disappoint. 
That’s right, this is their debut single, and what an absolute rock powerhouse it is. Seven Spies throw you in at the deep end and greet you with the unadulterated raw power of a fat ‘n’ fuzzy unison riff that will have rock fans drooling at the mouth, pupils dilating. But there’s a deeper, darker side to “Chameleon”. The verses strip back and you’re met with the effortlessly seductive voice of vocalist/guitarist David Blomiley as he tells us his tale. 

“Chameleon” is a story of the different faces we put on and the ways we change to hide our own turmoil and pain from the outside world. A struggle which many souls can relate to. But there’s an uplifting and empowering message in “Chameleon”. Instead of keeping that pain locked away, rise up and don’t let it overcome you. Seven Spies know how to inspire and empower. 
The video subtly yet effectively conjures the feeling of a frantic and troubled mind, Blomiley and drummer Olly Brown play in front of a blacked out backdrop and just like a chameleon, the visuals flit between bursts of neon colour, black and white, and saturated lighting which ties in nicely with the shapeshifting theme of the song. 

As the song reaches its climax, Blomiely defiantly bellows “you’re not gonna get control of me”, something we all wish we had the guts to scream out (especially with a set of pipes like Blomiely). You can almost hear the demons scatter. This crescendo is a perfect specimen of the power these guys have harnessed and it will have you grinning like the cheshire cat as you hit the repeat button. 

Blomiley has been to a dark place in his mind, and I’m glad he did, because he gave us “Chameleon”. It’s a trophy that he pulled from the depths, his battle with his own demons. Seven Spies are slaying it like Perseus, and “Chameleon” is their very own severed Medusa’s head. Hold it up high boys – it’s a dripping, dirty rock masterpiece.