Steady Rollin share the life-affirming song ‘I Feel Alive’, culled from their double vinyl album ‘Love & Loss’ which dropped at the end of 2020.

The band hail from the tiny Central American republic of El Salvador, but their sound is truly international. The opening strains of ‘I Feel Alive’, played out on a distorted guitar, evoke mental pictures of Spaghetti Junction and industrial Birmingham and more specifically their famous sons Black Sabbath.

But while the trio’s frontman Fernando Poma’s guitar might bring that of Ton Iommi, his voice is another unexpected treat, closer to the deep and resonant existential holler of Ian Curtis than Ozzy. Once his bandmates – Benjamin Andrade on drums and backing vocals and Gerardo Pardo on bass – really get into their flow, Steady Rollin begin to resemble Soundgarden or Pearl Jam in full, widescreen epic flow. All in all, it’s quite an intoxicating combination with mass appeal across genre divides and oozing passion and power.

Physical copies of the album are like gold dust, what with the original pressing limited being to a painfully exclusive 100 copies, but this surely not the last we’ll hear of a band steadily Rollin their way to success.