Steve Cradock ‘Travel Wild – Travel Free’ – ALBUM REVIEW

Straight away this record is a far cry away from Craddock’s day job work which is of course Ocean Colour Scene and lead guitar for Paul Weller. That said, it is not miles away from the vibes you get from his firsrt album ‘The Kundalini Target’ and album two ‘Peace City West’.

A quick description would be “Less rock n’ roll and more roll a cigarette”. This is music to relax to.

The opening track is called Anyway The Wind Blows. Steve’s wife Sally features heavily throughout the track. Anyone that has met Sally you will know that she is a very happy soul, a hippy if you will. She sings beautifully, it’s no doubt she is the first vocal heard on the record. It’s a good production call.

The track, ‘The Magic Hour’ is true return to old fashioned song writing, great, strong melodies with a beautiful vibe in the background. This has much more flare to it. Cradock’s vocal is pulled down in the mix letting the reverbing guitars and organs ring out, giving of a sixties psychedelia vibe.

This vibe continues on through the record, leading each track seamlessly into the next with zero disruption to your new found relaxed state of mind.

My Favourite track is probably Doodle Book, after a few listens to the album is defiantly the stand out track with a much jumpier, catchier melody and hook, I have been singing it all day!

I seriously recommend that anyone that likes the easy listening 60’s style music picks up a copy of ‘Travel Wild – Travel Free’ due for release on 16 September.