Talk Club & Gavin Thorpe – ‘Soul To Save’

Talk Club is the fastest-growing men’s mental fitness movement in the UK, with 26 real-life groups meeting on a regular basis around the country and a growing online network.

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. Even before our current uncertain times, every week over 90 (NINETY) men take their own lives. That number is now rising. A common contributory factor to suicide is isolation and suddenly, in the grip of the Coronavirus pandemic, isolation has become unavoidable. Many men are encountering additional anxieties around the economy, their future, job losses and the fear of loved ones falling ill.

This is why Talk Club are trying to help.

Co-founder and singer-songwriter Gavin Thorpe is releasing a fundraising single ‘Soul to Save’ for Mental Health Awareness Week to raise awareness and funds for the initiative.

‘Soul to Save’ is a melodic acoustic song (think Cherry Ghost or Aqualung), with an incredibly positive message, ending with a huge gospel style choir consisting of existing Talk Club members that is sure to uplift. Directly inspired by Gavin’s experiences and the conversations he’s been part of at Talk Club, ‘Soul To Save’ features the lyric “Every time we talk I feel lighter”.

In the entire history of media, battling isolation and the need to talk has never been a more important issue to bring to the fore. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS INITIATIVE AND HELP SAVE SOME SOULS.

‘Soul To Save’ will be available from 1st May 2020 via Distiller Records. Listen to it here.

Keep an eye on Talk Club’s Instagram, where from May 1st it’ll be highlighting and sharing the stories of men of all ages.

‘Soul To Save’ is released today (May 1st 2020).