ALL TALK: The Sheer Brilliance of a Man Who Ostensibly Wrote Music For a Toyota Prius Advert

We’re bringing back All Talk, giving our writers the chance to rant and/or rave about whatever’s burning their brain. Kicking off the return of the feature, Sam Feeley discusses his love for Father John Misty…

In probably the most pretentious article I have ever written, which doesn’t take a lot considering I’ve only ever written four in my entire life. I am going to pour my heart out with adoration for Josh Tillman A.K.A. Father John Misty.

Taking on everything from the political landscape to his own filthy sexual exploits, Father John Misty is a unique artist in the ever-crowded world we live in, or at least he’s the only one of his breed to achieve the mainstream success many shit indie bands would dream of.

The raw and yet simple lyricism his work possesses is second to none. Assumedly taking influence from his everyday life and his own thoughts, Misty’s words lend class to the most mundane of stories. ‘Bedding Taylor Swift, every night inside the occulus rift”, sings Misty, expressing his discern for the twenty first century whilst utilising sexual metaphor. This disdain for the world is shown throughout his work, with it frequently taking on a negative tone which in turn helps toward the grand and classic sound of Misty’s work.

Even when he encounters synth in ‘True Affection’, he still manages to keep consistent with his superior tone. It’s this sheer elegance that makes Father John Misty so intriguing. Similar in style to The Last Shadow Puppets’ most recent campaign, Misty is always presented with a certain sense of sophistication which creates almost a sense of jealousy in the listener. It’s the kind of music you could imagine yourself gliding along a ballroom floor to, if you could even muster a waltz, which of course you can’t.

Albeit not the catchiest of songwriters, his one attempt at a radio mega hit, ‘Real Love Baby’ is still superb. Even when conforming to parameters set by record labels, Tillman still manages to emerge victorious. He isn’t for everyone, and that is clear however I challenge anyone not to commend his talent.

This article has absolutely no point and therefore no resolution.

You know what? I’d love him to have a go at a Christmas song, I bet that would be good.

Sam Feeley