Telgate Share Debut, CherryTight, Ahead of Launch – Nov 22

Telgate release lipstick smudged debut CherryTight, which coincides perfectly with their single launch party tonight at Gentileza in Duke Street, Cardiff. 

A lick of smouldering, blistering guitars, accompanied by a dollop of bombast. You’ll find Telgate at the intersection between Babes in Toyland and Led Zeplin or Black Sabbath. While the striking vocals remind us distinctly of pop diva, Beth Ditto, complete with a hint of sheer glam chic. 

In CherryTight the four-piece take you on a ground swelling journey of smashing basslines, crashing drums and spiralling guitars, as they fill the stage with this cascading, yet somehow furiously curated commotion, uplifting and vibrant.

Quickly picking-up attention in their hometown of Cardiff, lead singer, Casper James brings a poignant sexuality and attitude to their striking live show. Telgate have been performing their riotous and dramatic art punk performances with a huge dose of glam thrown-in for good measure.

Think painted starburst faces, gold lame suits, leopard prints, feather bowers, platforms, high waisted hipster trousers and colours as garish and outlandish as they can be. They celebrate the righteous, the outsider, they sing for the eccentrics and outcasts. Aiming to challenge social norms, from a stylistically expressionistic standpoint. Their cry is loud and brutal, while Casper James, as an androgynous transgender male, directly challenges stereotypes around gender and sexuality.

Casper comments, ‘ We understand that in a scene which is largely saturated by laddish bands, being queer can feel sometimes isolating. So our aim is to bring to Cardiff a night of community, love and loud unapologetic queer expression.’

Get your best clothes on, as outrageous and fantastical as you can muster and get yourself down to Duke Street tonight, for some pure unabashed guitar action.