THE HUNTER – Broken Feet, Ryanair Hijacking, Maggie T and Scoot The Thames.


Glad to be back; I hope you enjoyed the last blog. This one’s mission is to give you something to smile about! Unashamedly.

So Lloret De Mar came n went, freezing cold and I went home with a broken foot having acquired it by dancing around the room to Public Enemy brushing my teeth and ‘stubbing’ it. Still, we took over the plane on the way out thanks to a very lenient stewardess called Trudi, respect to her! Here’s a little shot of Gigslutz Steve and our Trudi…


We realised it was actually completely and utterly impossible to get drunk on the all inclusive booze at the hotel. I’d love to know what they’re up to there. They must be laughing their heads off at the massed ranks of holiday makers apparently all from Burnley and Scotland just sitting around furrow browed.

I had to have my leg in a cast all of last week while I was in Ibiza too, not really conducive to a break on the White Isle is it. Saved me from embarking upon any Uncle dancing in Pacha though. On the plus side.


Maggie’s been a hot topic on Gigslutz recently. If you haven’t read Steve’s inspired piece on her influence on music then get in there. I watched a very interesting news piece on Thatcher while I was in Ibiza; with Maurice Saatchi dispelling many of the myths that surround her and that people peddle willy nilly. Including the “there’s no society” quote, seems that’s been taken entirely out of context by her detractors, and the myth that she’s responsible for the banking furore. I didn’t realise it was the Labour government in 1997 that actually deregulated the banks and she was furious when she recently found out the current statistics on banking control. Anyway, I’m keeping well out of it as I didn’t live through the unimaginable ‘poor-man-of-Europe’ period in the 70s that she claimed to be determined to rectify so I don’t feel I can judge whole heartedly, the interview is here if you’re interested I suppose if you stand for something then you’re going to be hated by some and loved by others. Question is; is it better to stand for something like Maggie or not stand for anything at all? 


Ooh just quickly, we love a lookalike on Gigslutz (Barcelona’s Sanchez and Bruno Mars are never seen in a room together), and following that piece on BBC news was a feature on Andrew Brons MEP, and there’s no way he’s not related somehow to the grumpy cat that was highlighted on the Jonathan Ross show recently! Puerile? Yes. Funny? Fo sho.


Speaking of Wossy; fair play to him. I know he’s not everyone’s dream dinner guest but the way he tore Spencer from Made in Chelsea to shreds was some of the best prime time viewing I’ve witnessed for a long time. Watch that interview on catch up and tell me that this silver spooned spiv is not the man for the job if ever The Office returns and Ricky Gervais is too busy to play David Brent. Uncanny. 

You know sometimes you see something that reignites your faith in humans, very rare I know but it does happen if you really look for it; well some of you may have seen this but for those that haven’t, check this link out and tell me it doesn’t warm your cockles…

If you’re stuck for something to do this weekend and you’re in London, then you simply have to come to Scoot the Thames. Hundreds of mods on their finest shining beasts riding across London’s bridges like white knights on a mod crusade. They’ll be ending up in Lower Marsh Street so check it out. Should be epic. More on mods soon. Do mods matter? Hmm.

Don’t forget, the Gigslutz radio show is back this Thursday to make your ears feel pleasant and creamy. Simply the best show on the radio as it’s unique in its diversified content. 7pm-9pm live on Optical Radio online. Join us on webcam and on them there speakers. Or come down and join in. If you are an artist yourself and want a track played, get in touch. The show is pumped live into The Amersham arms in New Cross as well, our favourite battle cruiser! And we’re always in there after the show for a jar or two.

As I’ve been away and then locked indoors with a ruddy cast on my leg, (did I mention that?) I’ve no Name & Fame public service people to tell you about but I’m back with a vengeance now as the cast is off. So I’ll be keeping my eyes out for those with a touch above the usual quota of human kindness. There’s an old tapas joint in Ibiza town called El Zaguan, and they looked after me and my crutches like I was a long lost brother so I’ll big them up this time around. Muchos gracias.

I promised at the start to bring a little sunshine to your lives and if I’ve fallen short to this point, (surely not!) here’s my piece de resistance. It’s a link to a video that had me laughing out loud to neighbour-harassing-intensity levels. In fact the last time I laughed that much was when Gigslutz Steve was on the Undateables. Ladies & gents, I give you, the best wake up prank compilation ever…   

Until next time – and I hope you join me Thursday for the radio show…

Guerre Mortale!!