THE HUNTER – Insects, Arthur Boyt and eating pikies


Gigslutz Steve and I are embarking on our annual trip to Lloret where we met many moons ago. In his language; “cannae wait like”.

Since we last ‘spoke’, there have been some really disturbing things on TV and also in the whole wide world. But thought provoking too.

People thought I was mad a few weeks ago when I was drunkenly insisting if they have kids they should get them onto fried insects and grubs immediately. This is my tip for an ensuing fever-topic of the nation. With a population that’s soon going to overtake the capacity we have to produce meat and dairy products. There won’t be enough water for cattle, they consume 17 times as more grain calories than they produce meat calories. 80% of the world’s population already eat insects as a regular part of their diet. High on protein, no over crowding issues, minimal waste, they don’t look you in the eye and stretch out a hoof when you pass them (just like all cows and lambs do).

Always ahead of the game; just as they realised that – in order to avoid a drunken chav-fuelled nation like the British endure – you may as well let them eat hash cake, the Dutch are already cultivating and testing huge amounts of various insects and meal worms as they know wha gwaan. I bet my only dollar that there’ll be insect outlets for the avant-garde appearing sooner than you think. There probably already are. Says a lot about me that.

So start tucking in as some scientists reckon we’ll have no choice but to start integrating them by 2020. mmmm. Mind you, if you’d never seen a prawn before….

This chap has already superseded us, 73 year old Arthur Boyt. He likes nothing more than tucking into some nice road kill. I’d love to see how he spoke before the Silence of The Lamb franchise happened. Check this out…

In 100 years time he’ll be considered tame!! Our grandchildren will be ordering fried criminal and houmous & homeless pie. Either that or we get rid of anyone in the U.S who refuses to hand in their gun/s and use that newly acquired land to cultivate. Way forwards.

Now onto less savoury topics; Amanda Holden. I’ve not had one bit of stick for my comments in the previous blog about her. I was working on the laptop at the weekend and somehow Ant & Dec’s grin-fest had found its way onto my TV screen in the background and there she was, with two look-a-like Ant & Decs in little kid form, telling them to pull down their pants. Sent me into a weird kind of paradoxical world of kaleidoscopic thoughts of what’s right n wrong. Disturbing.

I’m sent into the same sort of weird parallel “what the hell” universe of mentaldom every time I see that 02 ad where Emilie Sande is lurking on tube platforms waiting to pounce on someone pissed and their way home; a poor girl is on the last tube and all of a sudden the doors open and there she is…Emilie Sande, waiting, weird unsettling look in her eye, same wig, everything, and has clearly been waiting for the right moment to pounce on this girl and expose herself. If that’s not bad enough the last shot puts you through an horrific second or two of horror as this apparent wrong doer leans in to make its move. Eeeeeer. Shivers. Like spending time in a lift with Kris Kamara no doubt.

As part of my drive to highlight the improved levels of service out in the general public, I’m going to continue ‘name n fame’ people who deserve it. David who cleans my street was thanked last week and I gave him a CD as a present. Next on my list is a girl who works in Costa Coffee by Lambeth North Station. SO polite and friendly. “Enjoy your day” and “have a really cool evening” are the sort of things you can expect from her. I didn’t get her name as it was already one of those weird I’m-not-looking-at-your-left-boob situations. But I will.

People don’t get enough thanks in this world, those that deserve it should, so if you come across unnecessarily heightened service levels on your way around then get their name, tell em to keep their eye on Gigslutz and then send the info to us.

Spread the love.

There’s a band called K who put out their first single on the 1st April and have teamed up with the films4life charity run by Mickey De Hara, for their debut video. Films4life gives young people who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to act, edit, direct, a chance to get involved and build a showreel. Keep your eye on for more info on this and to see the video.

Hope you enjoyed the Gigslutz radio show on the 28th March. Good to be back in the saddle and props to Jam who did a phat 30 minute guest set. Jam’s also joined up with the films4life crew and you can tweet her @jamluckhurst.

The tracklisting for the show and link to hear it again can all be found on this site here.

If you find yourself with an hour to kill, check out this Nas interview with Anthony DeCurtis. Highlight for me – apart from his reviewing of Illmatic – is his assessment of current hip hop. We’ll be reviewing Illmatic soon right here on Gigslutz.

Enough for now I think. Have fun in life, say thank you, and I’ll be back after Lloret!!

Guerre mortale!!!

Song of the week – When I return by White Bone Rattle