Thom Yorke Unveils Latest Single From Soundtrack…

‘Unmade’ is the next track to be released from the movie soundtrack for the horror film, ‘Suspiria’. 

‘Unmade’ follows on from other tracks ‘Open Again’, ‘Volk’, ‘Has Ended’ and ‘Suspicion’. It follows his work with Greenpeace, named ‘Hands Off the Antarctic’.

Piano instrumental welcomes the beginning of the peace, which is simultaneously played along with Yorke’s vocals. There is an eerie backing instrumental through the track, which weaves between the subsections of the song, before mysteriously disappearing mid track. Collective choir vocals compliment Yorke’s vocals which work as the song’s enhancer, compatible with the lyrics “I’ll come back again”…

The entire soundtrack is set to be released tomorrow, Friday 26th October – so far, so good. With the masterpiece of Yorke, we’re ecstatic to see how the soundtrack enhances the film, which is also out in cinemas nationwide tomorrow.

You can listen to the track below:

[spotify track=”spotify:track:4rXDPFpzMyUIdEpNWiwzYV”]

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