Tim Burgess LIVE @ Islington Assembley Hall 16.12.13

This cold December Monday night could usually provide little light at the beginning of the week however this evening the Islington Assembly Hall plays host to the understated introverted Tim Burgess.

Whilst still continuing playing live shows with the band from which he became famous, The Charlatans, Burgess broke free for a while to record his solo record, Oh No I Love You. The record itself is a very thorough and well thought through piece which will give you very little to jump around to but will give you plenty to ponder. It’s definitely a thinking mans album!

The show itself is taking place in a venue which could not have suited the Charlatan’s frontman any better. This ex 1930s dancehall shows all the beauty and detail which brilliantly mirrors Burgess’s soft and vulnerable approach to this evenings gig. The venue has been beautifully restored and carefully nurtured to give the intimate vibe of a school hall but with the surroundings of a state building.

Tim sheepishly walks on stage wearing a vintage Nike jumper, skinny grey jeans and black plimsolls. He kicks off the show with ‘A Case For Vinyl’, which as the title suggests isn’t about the success of the mp3. Throughout this song it is impossible to take your eyes off of the man. And this continues throughout. He brings a mix of soft ballads, folk rock and Charlatans classics to the table this eve as well as the odd nod to Christmas.

The crowds reactions, as expected, are more animated when airing some of The Charlatans back catalogue especially ‘The Only One I Know’, which was particularly well received by this 90s loving reviewer. The crowd are as ever faithful singing along to tracks like ‘The Doors Of Then’ and shouting out jokes and jibes, which are all taken lightheartedly. Tim’s voice holds up throughout and does songs like ‘Tobacco Fields’, ‘The Graduate’ and ‘White’ the justice they deserve.

If choirs, Christmas carols and mulled wine aren’t quite your thing then try Tim Burgess at this ornate venue with a red stripe. It’s pretty bloody good

Gary Byfield

Gary Byfield

London based Manc wannabe. Oasis sparked the fire and it hasn't stopped burning since. Used to DJ house and techno but now on the London gig scene.