The Ting Tings LIVE @ Thekla Bristol – 24/11/2014

It only seems like yesterday The Ting Tings were a household name. In 2008 the Manchester duo were on top of the world as they topped the charts with single ‘That’s Not My Name’ but now they appear to be a distant memory and forgotten in the eyes of a mainstream audience.

The Ting Tings had support from Bristol student Edward Griggs who goes by the stage name Ted Zed. The Somerset soloist performed with a full band set up with a bass and guitarist. They jelled and were tight to the point I assumed Ted Zed was now a band. They are not however the stand out part of the set was the fact Ted Zed oozed charisma and the audience were fixated. He brought indie vibes similar to that of The 1975 and stage presence with inspired energy similar to Jagger. Ted Zed did all he can to get his music across to a passive audience.

Lights dimmed and drummer Jules De Martino walked onto the stage closely followed by front girl Katie White as they opened up with their August 2014 single ‘Wrong Club’ from new album Super Critical followed by current single ‘Do It Again’ which was almost ignored by the crowd who only ever seemed interested in the songs from 2008 debut album We Started Nothing. To the crowds great pleasure the Manchester indie pop duo then played 2008 UK top 5 single “Shut Up and Let Me Go” which was sung word for word by every single person in the audience. The Ting Tings then played through material from all albums focusing mainly on the new album (as expected) however playing popular tracks from the debut album such as ‘Great DJ’ and ‘Fruit Machine’. They then closed their set in fitting style with chart topping single ‘That’s Not My Name’. Which was easily the best received song of the set. De Martino’s distinctive drum beat received a pop from the audience as it became apparent to them what the song was. This was followed by vocalist, Katie White prancing around the stage out-of-control as if it was the last song she’ll ever sing. The message behind the song being freedom, independence and escaping oppression her delivery was perfection and her energy was infectious to me – sadly not to everyone else who still stood staring vacant.

The Ting Tings returned to the stage to play a two song encore and closed with 2010 single ‘Hands’ which featured on EA Sports Fifa 12 soundtrack. It seemed remixed with much more of a club feel which was added too by the backing track triggered on a launch pad by the session musician that joined them on stage for the tour.

The Ting Tings have fallen into a trap of attracting a crowd that was impossible to work with. They didn’t even seem to have a collection of early strong fan base. There was no dancing what so ever from anyone minus the front row in the crowd. They gave it their all and put on an incredible performance but just seemed to receive no play from the crowd. It was such a sad sight, seeing a great band not receiving the credit and appreciation they deserve.

Harry Beaton


Harry Beaton

Harry Beaton

Avid music and media enthusiast based in Bristol studying Music Performance.