Top 5 Casino Movies that You Should Watch

Casino movies are an interesting piece of entertainment for Norwegian people who love watching gamblers take risks. Each of these casino movies has a unique storyline that portrays gamblers gambling in a different way possible. However, that doesn’t mean that all of the gamblers in these casino movies were able to achieve what they solely desire, but the moment they spent gambling will keep you entertained as you watch. For someone that is curious about what happens in the gambling world, watching these casino movies will be your best answer. 

According to Benjamin Reppersen’s view as an expert here, most of these movies that involve gambling portray exactly what happens in reality as some are based on real-life stories. Even though there have been tons of interesting movies about gambling in the past, more are yet to be introduced. Although, as a lover of casino movies, there are certain movies about gambling, you shouldn’t want to miss, which includes:

  1. The Gambler 2014

The gambler is a 2014 American drama. The movie is all about Jim Bennett, who is a literature professor that gambles a lot in underground gambling rings. Due to Jim’s addiction to gambling, he ended up losing all of his money, which leads to him owing a lot of debts. At this period Jim borrowed a huge amount from a loan shark known as Frank with the aim of playing with the part of the money to win more money. To Jim, the only opportunity to pay his debts is by winning more money.

Surprisingly Jim made a hard decision to play with the borrowed amount and ended up winning a massive amount of money that’s enough to pay all his debts. At this period, Jim uses all of the winnings to pay off his debts leaving him broke without any outstanding debt.

  1. Casino Royale 2006

Casino Royale is a 2006 film, which was introduced among the James Bond series. The movie is all about an MI6 agent James Bond who went on a mission to spy and prevent Le Chiffre from winning a high-stakes poker game. As a fan of casino movies, this movie portrays intense action and gambling scenes. 

  1. Uncut Gems 2019

As much as you might be like watching casino movies, you won’t want to miss Uncut Gems (2019). The movie is about a charismatic jeweler known as Howard Ratner who makes high-stakes bets that are huge enough to determine his future. Howard’s gambling addiction leads to him owning a lot of debts to both family members and loan sharks. This affects his life by splitting his family as his wife divorced him. The Uncut Gems (2019) portrays everything about gambling perfectly.

  1. Win It All 2017

Win It All is a 2017 casino movie about a small-time gambler known as Eddie Garett who agrees to stash a bag for a friend who’s on his way to prison. However, Jake later discovers the bag to contain a lot of money, which he can’t resist the urge to spend. Eddie who is addicted to gambling can’t resist the temptation of gambling away all the money in the bag. Win It All is all about the life of a gambler along with the choice he made.

  1. Molly’s game 2017

The movie is about the true-life story of Molly Bloom who runs a high stake poker game for a long-time before being arrested. She was arrested by 17 FBI agents who are armed with weapons. There are more interesting facts and true-life experiences attached to Molly’s game 2017 casino movies that anyone should watch.

All of the above-mentioned casino movies explain a lot about gambling for Norway casino fans. For Norwegian players, gambling has always been a way of entertainment. Ever since gambling through international casinos was prohibited for Norwegians in 2008, local Norway nettcasino has been the choice of gamblers.


As a Norwegian who loves watching casino movies, you wouldn’t want to miss the best out there. Being the reason why the above-evaluated list contains the top 5 amazing casino movies of all time that you should watch.