Top 6 Unusual School Holidays and Special Days

Many believe that schools and colleges are all about boring classes and loads of homework. And this is partially true. Students are being challenged with lots of hardships through every academic semester, and they only have a few months of breaks from their routines. But, though not many know this, there are quite a few different holidays that schools celebrate, and we are about to tell you about the top six of them.

In this article, we won’t talk about well-known special days and holidays, but rather unusual ones that many of you might’ve not known about. So, if you are a student yourself, give up on your current tasks, or better assign professional writers from EssayService to take care of them, and read on to learn about some special occasions celebrated by schools.

1.   Compliment Day

Everyone knows that we celebrate two big days in January – New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr Day. However, did you know that one more event is commonly celebrated in US schools and colleges on January 24?

As you can guess from its name, Compliment Day is all about giving people around you genuine, pure-hearted compliments and, of course, receiving some compliments yourself. Typically, on this day, students and faculty staff prepare compliment cards (either anonymous or not) and share them with each other. A truly heartwarming tradition that can help strengthen the bond between everyone in school.

2.   100th Day of School

Another unusual celebration that is common in educational facilities is named the 100th Day of School. The exact date of this holiday is unknown. Since different schools may start the academic year on different dates, the celebration day can vary but typically falls somewhere between the end of January and the middle of February.

In case you are writing an essay about unusual school holidays, this one could be a good topic thanks to its interesting history. Or you can ask a reliable cheap essay writing services in usa to write this paper for you and enjoy your free time instead. Anyway, here is the story – this holiday appeared naturally from the need to help students from pre-K through grade-2 to understand numbers up to 100. That’s when teachers came up with the idea of this countdown to the 100th Day of School. After some time, this holiday became a symbolic celebration of the accomplishments (both personal and academic) that students achieved through the half of the school year.

3.   Library Lover’s Month

In today’s world, students, and people in general, have gotten much more reliant on technology and less on printed books. Today, when you need to do research for your homework, you will likely do it online. And, if you want to read a book, you will likely read an electronic one. People now don’t go to a library too often. No wonder not many of us know about such a holiday as Library Lover’s Month.

This holiday is being celebrated in educational facilities in February. Its core idea is to celebrate libraries of all types and librarians. And the goal is to drive young people’s attention to the importance of books and such establishments even in a highly digital world like ours.

4.   Financial Literacy Month

Another unusual yet extremely important school holiday is Financial Literacy Month. It is being celebrated during the entire March.

There is no secret that students are often living on a tight budget and generally don’t know how to manage their finances right. As you can guess, the main idea of Financial Literacy Month is to drive youngsters’ attention to the importance of wise budgeting.

In the framework of this holiday, schools and educators inform students about financial literacy throughout the month and encourage them to participate in various activities that can teach them basic money skills.

5.   Say Something Nice Day

Due to the fact that bullying is one of the most common and critical issues facing students in schools and colleges, it is hard to undervalue the importance of the next holiday. Say Something Nice Day is being celebrated on June 1.

The main idea of this day is to fight bullying and bring positive language into the classroom. Just like during Compliment Day, during Say Something Nice Day, students and teachers are supposed to keep positive attitudes and say nice things to each other. This holiday can also strengthen the connection between students and teachers. And, it is also quite fun.

6.   National Bullying Prevention Month

One more school holiday that focuses on fostering positive attitudes and relationships in schools is National Bullying Prevention Month, celebrated throughout October. Like Say Something Nice Day, this holiday has appeared due to the ongoing issue of bullying that can be observed in millions of schools in the US and beyond.

During this month, teachers are driving students’ attention to the issue of bullying. Students often complete various bullying-related projects. During this month, schools often invite expert speakers, engage students in various activities, organize field trips, and do much more.

The Bottom Line

If you are still thinking that school is all about studying and resting during spring break, you are not quite right. There are many fun, informative, and interesting holidays and special events celebrated by various educational facilities, and now you know about some of them. But be sure that these are just a few of the many.