Tor Miller announces new album and shares two new singles ‘Surviving the Suburbs’ and ‘Sunday Scaries’

The first music since 2016, Tor Miller returns with the release of two new songs, ‘Surviving The Suburbs’ and ‘Sunday Scaries,’ both from his forthcoming second album.

“What I’m trying to accomplish with this music is to feel better,” Miller says. “I want to feel happy with where I am. These feelings and anxieties that we have, everyone is having. At this age in particular, where you feel very much in between and not satisfied with who you are and where you’re at. But I think this record is trying to find that peace within yourself to move on and just feel stronger, whatever the case may be.”

Leaner and simpler than the lush, full-bodied arrangements of his debut album American English, new album Surviving the Suburbs is an honest self-reflection framed as a musical coming of age. It’s a step forward into vibrant territory where the vitality of a live backing band gives Miller more Americana flavour, as if, he explains, “Elton John made a Bruce Springsteen record.”

On the electrified title-track, ‘Surviving the Suburbs’ he intones on the chorus that “we can’t get out of here,” reflecting on how, when he returned to live with his parents, he reconnected with his townie friends who had never left and drowned his sorrows with them in alcohol and pills. The remorse sets in on the wistful “Sunday Scaries,” a piano-driven promise to oneself that, after a weekend of binge-drinking and partying, he’ll never do it again, only to repeat the same cycle once Friday rolls around.


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Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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