TRACK: Alexis Taylor – ‘Oh Baby’

Ahead of his upcoming fourth studio album Beautiful Thing, Hot Chip frontman, Alexis Taylor has shared his latest single, ‘Oh Baby’.

The song itself is a slick slice of bright and colourful pop music with its high pitch toe-tapping repetitive piano and wavering synth creating an atmosphere akin to that of a sunny Spring morning.

Photography Credit: Ronald Dick

“‘Oh Baby’ is an exuberant love song,” Taylor says about the track, which nods towards the styles of his two musical inspirations,  Paul McCartney and Alex Chilton. “I wrote it in about the time it takes to listen to it, and the finished performance was recorded live in the studio.”

There is certainly an element of nostalgia present in ‘Oh Baby’.  The track also feels like it could definitely have been an early Beatles release. Rather than sitting right on top, the vocal seems to effortlessly blend into the surrounding production.  This does take away complete focus from the vocal, but not to the extent that there is a distract from it.  This allows the listener to appreciate the track as a whole – every synth line, drum beat, cymbal tap and guitar pluck.

An apparent whirlwind of thrilling electronic beats, heartfelt lyrics and dance floor nostalgia; Beautiful Thing by Alexis Taylor, is set to be released on April 20.  This release will mark the first time the artist will have worked with a producer on a solo record: his bandmate, Hot Chip’s very own Joe Goddard.

Listen to the sensational ‘Oh Baby’ by Alexis Taylor, below.

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