TRACK: Field Music – ‘Share A Pillow’

Artists getting past the five albums mark in the digital age need to be applauded. Not only for producing so many records, but for sticking to their roots while making something new. Field Music are one of those bands.

With their sixth album Open Here on the horizon, they are on a winning streak. They’ve just released their latest single from the record, ‘Share A Pillow’.

The song starts with a Talking Heads-style groove, with straight guitar lines and a lovely walking
bass line, pulling you in from the outset. Its reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand with the pre-chorus harmonies hooking you in, and lead the way for the brass section in the chorus nicely.

It’s an interesting song that has a lot of different aspects for your ears to get stuck into. It’s perfect for someone who wants something new to listen to or just to move their feet to.

Words: Jimmy Ingham