TRACK: The Ramona Flowers – ‘Strangers’

The Ramona Flowers, a five piece from Bristol, have recently released their new single, ‘Strangers’, a euphoric dance track that pins the band in a new direction. Prior to the single’s release, the band have been on tour in the US for their first time, and with shows in Japan on the horizon, it’s a very exciting time. The band, seemingly dipping their toes into a more dance-orientated sound with tracks such as ‘If You Remember’, have perhaps consolidated this transition with ‘Strangers’, a song somewhat reminiscent of tropical house. Recording in Bath, the band tick all boxes for what is required for a song in this genre, the drumming being very tight, while the jangly guitar adds a clever extra level to the chorus. This well engineered sound was brought together by producer Chris Zane, known for his work with bands such as Passion Pit and Mumford and Sons. The experience rings through, helping the band create crisp, well rounded tone.

The track inherits suitable summer anthem lyrics from lead singer Steve Bird. The song is centred around “that special feeling… when you first meet someone”, and though the lyrics may be cliché – “right when our eyes lock in”, it’ undeniable that these catchy words will resonate with many people throughout the year, and will be enjoyed as such.

Intrinsically a song that struggles to be listened to sat down, this song may be a step in the right direction for The Ramona Flowers, who may find themselves reaching a wider audience through this genre. We’re interested in what this band might explore next, as they search to evolve their sound.

‘Strangers’ is out now
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Ali Whelan