New Track: The Jacques – ‘Eleanor Ring Me’

The Jacques have been taking the country by storm with their gritty sound and relentless gigging. Taking steps up the ladder, they have recently announced slots at festivals such as Kendal Calling and Down To The Woods, performing alongside the likes of Primal Scream, Noel Gallagher and The Charlatans. They have also announced a few gigs in Europe, covering big cities such as Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris. It’s most certainly an exciting time for The Jacques, who have now shared their new single.

‘Eleanor Ring Me’ begins with a riff that is simply addictive, as well as a fuzz-laden bass within the verses that accompany it in a perfect manner. The verses are filled with vocals that nod towards the dearly beloved Courtney Barnett, with a flow that has been keeping listeners interested since the days of Blur’s Parklife.

It’s bursting with various characteristics, from the Iggy Pop style finesse on the vocals to the Cobain-esque roughness.

The track maintains its jaunty style throughout and this keeps it rolling along nicely; when the chorus hits, the infectious riff returns and continues to play a dominant part.

‘Eleanor Ring Me’ is a swift offering – just two minutes and thirty-seven seconds – but it achieves everything it aims to within this time.

‘Eleanor Ring Me’ is out now on Vegan Cyanide. 

James Cummins

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