TRACK REVIEW: Peace ‘Lost on Me’


Peace have received endless plaudits after the success of their debut album ‘In Love’. Now in just over a year they have put a new set of songs together, whilst the release date is still unknown, Peace are poised to release their second album in the very near future

Peace returned with a vengeance exploiting a more ‘funky’ side to their new music which is apparent in recent releases ‘World Pleasure’ and ‘Money’. ‘Lost on Me’ is no different. With a bass line that wouldn’t be out of place in an 80’s disco track and backing vocals that the Bee Gees would be proud of ‘Lost on Me’ has all the credentials to be a summer success. Vocalist Harrison Koisser, uses his infamous charm, referring to his girl as “baby” and then later seduces her by singing in a dreamy voice calling her “chemically heavenly” before bursting into the chorus where he begs “get lost on me” while Dom and Sam echo the plea.

To go with the song Peace shared a music video on YouTube (which has since been removed) that is a tongue in cheek jibe at boy bands. The video features Harrison, Sam, Doug and Dom all dressed in white, dancing and being directed via large cue cards. The band are instructed to “walk and click” when the director is distracted by someone being crushed by some staging and the director goes to the person’s aid. The band proceed to “walk and click” crossing a road, intruding on a family picnic and finally, while being chased down by the director, they walk off the edge of a quarry and fail to see the final cue card stating “stop and smile”

Serious or not Peace have another quality song in their armoury which will inevitably be popular with their fan base, coupled with an entertaining video, Peace are set to make the summer their own.

Harry Beaton

Harry Beaton

Harry Beaton

Avid music and media enthusiast based in Bristol studying Music Performance.