TRACK: Voodoos share new track ‘Turn Me Into Juice’

In a perfect round off to the week, Glasgow’s Voodoos have shared their latest single, ‘Turn Me Into Juice.’

A dose of brooding, gloomy, but incredibly energetic punk, ‘Turn Me Into Juice’ is – despite the doom and gloom – hugely infectious. Speaking of the track, Piero Marcuccilli said: “The song is about the feeling of impending doom after a night out, it’s something most of us have felt I’m sure. Replaying things over and over in your head of things you’ve said and done. It’s not a pretty sight but writing a song about it can help ease the pain a bit.”

Following last month’s ‘Garden Ornaments,’ ‘Turn me Into Juice’ is yet another very impressive offering from Voodoos.

‘Turn Me Into Juice’ was produced by Johnny Madden and Chris Marshall at 7 West Studios.

Voodoos play Stag & Dagger in Glasgow on May 6th.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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