Tracks Of The Week – 18.11.15

It’s been a while since Fever released their last single, but as their latest track ‘Sucker’ proves, it’s been anything but unproductive. Gritty, raw and driven, ‘Sucker’ is, quite frankly, a bloody good grunge track. It not only carries the unwavering energy that all new bands should have, but the talent to match it too.

With snarling vocals and big choruses, Fever get angst right; they know when to be melodic and when unmitigated force is acceptable. They may be young but, as ‘Sucker’ proves, Fever have it sorted.

‘Sucker’ is out now. 

With support from everyone it’s necessary to gain support from, it’s never really a surprise when C Duncan does something right. That’s not to say, however, it’s not welcome. And, as he proves with latest single ‘For’, his talent isn’t about to run out any time soon.

Duncan isn’t afraid to hide his classical training, toying with time signatures and haunting harmonies creating one of the sweetest tracks around. It’s busy in all the right ways, and perfectly autumnal. It’s tricky to know when to stop firing compliments at C Duncan, but as long as tracks like ‘For’ keep coming, it’ll be tricky to stop.

Catch C Duncan live on his February tour or at various dates in November and December. 

Taken from their four-track release Tape, Ontario-based Chastity have released new track ‘You’re Scary Now’. It’s a world away from their previous release ‘Saliva’ – a forceful punk track.

Though ‘You’re Scary Now’ isn’t completely devoid of force, it sees the band take a more melodic approach. Fuzzy and reverb driven, ‘You’re Scary Now’ is a welcome drift away from punk into alt-rock. It’s a subtle change, but softer vocals – and a vulnerability – prove that Chastity know exactly how to develop their sound whilst maintaining their power.

Tape is out now via Hand Drawn Dracula.

Accompanied by a video starring four burlesque legends, featuring Feist on the hook and generally being a badass track, Peaches’ ‘Mean Something’ is somewhat of a feminist anthem. Or, in fact, an everybody anthem. As far as memorable lines go, “no matter how old, how young, how sick, I mean something” isn’t a bad one.

Throughout the track it becomes a mantra, and this is one track that I don’t mind being uncontrollably contagious. It’s fun, quirky and admirably brave. As Amy Schumer sums it up: “Peaches is just the sh-t”.

Peaches’ album Rub is out now. Catch her on her European tour in December.

Melissa Svensen


Melissa Svensen

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