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Having recorded an album, toured extensively, and occasionally featured as Tim Burgess’ backing band, Hatcham Social would appear to have had quite an exciting couple of years. Having supported the likes of The Maccabees, The Horrors and The Charlatans, this Indie-Pop quartet released their debut album back in 2009 to much critical acclaim, and have followed that with last year’s ‘About Girls’ which has also been very well received, and deservedly so.

New single ‘More Power To Live’ is a playfully poppy slice of indie, an uplifting song full of catchy choruses and whirring riffs. Infused with touches of Brit-Pop as well as a nod towards traditional rock ‘n’ roll, ‘More Power…’ exudes an endearing charm and optimism, possessing singalong-ability and musicality in equal measure, with syncopated chords and an addictive upbeat tempo that make it impossible not to like. In fact, one might say, it does exactly what it says on the tin, as simply listening to this cheery ditty could indeed give you the ‘Power To Live’.

Hatcham Social are currently supporting Tim Burgess on his UK tour, you can catch them at:

21st – Stoke-On-Trent, The Sugarmill
22nd – Sheffield, Queens Social Club
23rd – Manchester, Band On The Wall
24th Kendall Library, Telling Stories Book Event
26th – Inverness, The Ironworks
27th – Mareel, Shetland
29th – Gateshead, Sage
30th- Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
21st – London, Islington Assembly Hall

Since Layne Staley’s death on my birthday in 2002 (not the only grunge icon to die on my birthday…),  I’ve admittedly lost track of Alice In Chains and have been somewhat reluctant to open my ears to their new sound, reasoning that no one should, or ever could, touch those spine-tingling Staley classics such as the moving beauty of ‘Nutshell’ and ‘Brother’. However, the title track of new album – ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’ – almost sounds like it could have been one of the tortured Staley’s own creations. With characteristically dark overtones and haunting vocals. the new single is an eerie, angst-filled anthem, explicitly commenting on society’s narrow mindedness. Whilst DuVall does not intend to upset people with his challenging and frank lyrics such as “Jesus don’t like a queer”, he has admitted that he does not expect the song to receive much airplay due to its potentially controversial content.

However, although I am not able to watch the video due to an irrational phobia of clowns, since hearing this song I may now have been converted to the amended Alice In Chains lineup. Whilst I am still of the belief that no one could ever match the ominously emotive vocals of Layne Staley, with captivating melodies and a chilling aura, along with Cantrell’s haunting harmonies, ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’ appears to retain the classic AiC spirit. I realise I am a bit late to the DuVall party here, but I am pretty impressed with his ability to create such a powerfully eerie and recalcitrant response to the wrongs of the world. Better late than never, I suppose.

‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’ comes from Alice In Chains’ most recent album of the same name, and the band are set to tour the UK in November this year.

Reminiscent of psychedelic indiesters Wild Beasts, Oxford quartet Glass Animals have suddenly popped up on my radar with their beguiling and rapturous new single, ‘Psylla’. With alluring and asphyxiating melodies along with harmonious vocals, Glass Animals deliver trippy, psych-indie tunes with a floaty, bohemian feel that leave you feeling as chilled out as an ice-cold G&T on a summer’s day.

‘Psylla’ is an other-worldly and atmospheric, yet surprisingly uptempo, creation that will enthrall and enchant. With front man Dave’s hypnotising vocals juxtaposed with plinky plonky electro-pop melodies and a propelled, tribal rhythm that draws you in like a moth to a flame, I find it hard not to become entirely captivated by this wonderfully weird, yet beautiful, piece of music.

‘Psylla’ is currently out on Paul Epworth’s new label, Wolf Tone.


Jagga is by no means new to the music scene. In fact, he has been signed to a major music label, as well as having toured with the likes of Katy B, but – due to not being able to produce the music he had dreamed of creating – he is now going it alone, as he recently explained: “…I wanted to find a more honest blood and guts way of writing and delivering my vocal”.

Following the success of his last single ‘Out of Control’, Jagga’s latest offering is an impassioned fusion of Industrial rock with chilled out, electronic soul. With heartfelt, anguished vocals and a climatic melody delivered with a grit and vigour reminiscent of the inspirational Trent Reznor, ‘Hold Me’ powers forward with propulsive beats, yet remains infectiously soulful and rather moving.

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