Tracks Of The Week, 25.06.15

We have four awesome Tracks Of The Week, as usual. But, this week, one of our fantastic writers, James Cummins, has helped me out by reviewing one of the tracks…

Liverpool-based band, The Jackobins, are currently undergoing a tour scaling the country, and have provided a little something for people to whet their pallets with.

Starting out with a trance like sound, reminiscent of the likes of Hot Chip, ‘Waiting On The Sun’ has a beginning filled with suspense, with the promise of something intriguing ahead. The build up is then greeted by the beat of the drums – bringing the song to life – followed by a groove that cannot be ignored, with vocals reminiscent of The Pigeon Detectives, with an ounce of Kaiser Chiefs.

The chorus sees the song brought together ideally the way it should be. With catchy hooks and harmonies, ‘Waiting For The End’  pulls you in and holds you tight, planting itself in your subconscious for days to come.

The track flies by, although without being too short. It leaves the mind and ears wanting more. ‘Waiting On The Sun’ is just a small taste of what the Jackobins are about, and it is a very promising one at that.

James Cummins

Brighton nine-piece, The Meow Meows, have been playing live festivals, putting smiles on people’s faces, since 2005, and their reputation on the live circuit has built steadily. So much so, in fact, that they have appeared on bills with the likes of Hollie Cook, The Skints and – ska legends – The Skatalites in recent times. And this recognition is well deserved.

Set to release a new EP next month, new single ‘Friends On Benefits’ is a wonderfully upbeat ska anthem. With racing brass melodies fused with topical subject matter and joyous harmonies, it really would be the perfect accompaniment to any Summer festival.

Listening to the track’s sunny, syncopated beats and contagious energy, it becomes glaringly apparent why The Meow Meows got chosen to make an EP for the ‘Music To Move’ project – a commission that sees musical acts team up with choreographers to create works to inspire people to dance. It’s certainly impossible not to get up and move to the jubilant ska sounds of ‘Friends On Benefits’.

Produced by the legendary Prince Fatty, forthcoming EP, Friends On Benefits, is out 13 July.

Welsh quintet, Tree Of Wolves, are back with the second single to be taken from their critically acclaimed debut EP.

‘Sebastian’ is an uptempo slice of jangly indie-pop with all the sunny, light-hearted melodies and joyful, chiming piano chords you could ever ask for.

Filled with ‘80s and ‘90s references – “Let’s rip it up like Orange Juice” – the twinkling, upbeat elation of ‘Sebastian’ will have you dancing around in the sunshine in rapturous nostalgia.

Sleepwalking, the debut EP from Tree Of Wolves, is out now.

Of course, it’s not unusual for bands to start out young, live venues are filled with creative teens right now. But a band in which the oldest members are just 12 years of age is quite a rarity… Hailing from Cumbria, Pesky are one such band (yes, you heard correctly – Pesky are two parts 12 and two parts 11). And they’re pretty great.

Oozing sparkling, effervescent shoegazey goodness and honey-sweet vocals, Pesky’s latest single ‘Keep Me’ is filled with the dreamy romanticism of youth and endearing naivete. And I really do ‘feel like exploding’ in the simplistic, shimmering grandeur of this sweeping slice of indie-pop.

For a band so young, Pesky are surprisingly reminiscent of the wholesome, sugary, guitar-infused pop of twenty years ago (think Kenickie, Lush), and I couldn’t be happier for them. And, if this is what they’re capable of now, I can only imagine what ground-breaking material they’ll come up with by the time GCSEs come around…

Pesky’s debut EP, the aptly named Smells Like Tween Spirit, is out 24 July – just in time for the Summer hols!


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Mari Lane

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