TRACKS: Tame Impala – ‘Currents’ B-sides & Remixes

To solve any anxieties about the release of Tame Impala’s new B-sides, it is paramount to mention that they aren’t as good as the original tracks in the Currents album – they’re better.

As part of the Currents Collector’s Edition, Tame Impala have released three brand new tracks that continue, yet cultivate and expand the dreamy and psychedelic works behind Currents to even more intense boundaries. The songs in question are as follows: ‘List Of People (To Try And Forget About)’, ‘Powerlines’ and ‘Taxi’s Here’. Furthermore, it’s safe to say we’ve been decidedly spoilt as the band have added two remixes to the collector’s edition also.

Perhaps the reason these tracks are resonating so well with dedicated Tame Impala listeners, is because there is a possible subtle lean in the tone of each track towards their earlier work. There is no doubt that the EP continues to encapsulate the strong and surreal atmosphere of Currents most predominantly, but something in the remedy and experimentation of these tracks echoes the spirit that we may recognise from Lonerism and InnerSpeaker. Either way, Kevin Parker has retained his place as an impeccable musical genius and has removed any doubts many of us had had in regards to the direction of his future work.

All in all, Tame Impala gave us an immaculate conclusion that works inherently well alongside Currents and has sealed off a phenomenal finale to their most successful album so far.

Bronwyn Riseley