Tracks Of The Week, 01.10.16

Sharing the title track from their debut double A side, ‘Queen Bitch’, Essex 3-piece The Muffin Heads are about to take the world by storm. Here, in their own words, “to provide hard rifs and growling honest vocals”, The Muffin Heads are doing just that.

It’s easy for bands to feign honesty and raw power, but with ‘Queen Bitch’ it’s clear that nothing is false. From the sheer grit of vocalist Bex’s vocals to the intensity of the guitar and inevitable power of the drums, tied in with a DIY approach to the video (made independently with the band’s film maker friend to help), everything about The Muffin Heads is admirably real. That said, everything about ‘Queen Bitch’ still manages to sound refined (as much as punk/grunge can), professional and, most importantly, bloody good.

‘Queen Bitch’ and accompanying track ‘Media Vulture’ are out now. 

Now with a video documenting their journey from SXSW to the west coast, Still Parade’s ‘07:41’ is the only bit of music you need to help cling on to summer.

Like the beautiful love child of Tame Impala and Mac DeMarco, ‘07:41’ is the ultimate chill out track. Even I, a bit of a homebody, am almost tempted to road-trip through the US – just so I can listen to it while doing so. With no shortage of shakers, bizarre synth noises and wonderfully relaxed vocals, ‘07:41’ would get anyone pining for summer.

Concrete Vision is out now

From singing in church, to featuring on producer Draper’s track West London’s Abi Ocia has finally graced the world with her debut offering: and ‘Running’ is the perfect display of just how much practice really does make perfect.

Utterly haunting and completely compelling, it’s Abi’s voice that makes ‘Running’: completely in control, she’s written a track that only does favours for her, and proves that Ocia’s talent goes much further than just sounding good. ‘Running’ is the debut of someone that has spent years perfecting their skills and talents, and Abi was unquestionably ready to share them with the world.

‘Running’ is out now

Taken from Future of the Left’s Julia Ruzicka’s first solo venture (and first time as a creative lead of a musical project) ‘Painter Man Is Coming’, along with the rest of the album, proves that perhaps Julia was made for this job.

Written on bass, before adding guitars and drums, vocals come from a number of different vocalists across the album – ‘Painter Man Is Coming’ welcoming Pixies’ Black Francis.

The result: exactly what you’d imagine. Not predictable, by any means, but rather a wonderfully wry and exquisitely raw display of not only Julia’s talents as a bassist, but her ability to fit these to each vocalist; ‘Painter Man Is Coming’ was written especially for Black Francis.Looming, but overtly fascinating, ‘Painter Man Is Coming’ is enough to make anyone want to pick up a bass. Julia has truly outdone herself here.

This Becomes Us is released on November 11th

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