Tracks Of The Week, 02.07.18

Returning with a perfectly timed summer anthem Vistas ‘tigerblood’ is the only soundtrack you need for this heatwave.

Typically catchy, ‘tigerblood’ pairs infectious vocals with ear-wormy hooks to create something distinctly Vistas – a track that will lodge itself into your head for days, but you won’t care at all. A live favourite, thanks to its anthemic choruses, the track now has a brand-new video: a part-animation, part-performance hypnotic journey into Vistas’ bloodstreams. Get ready to get hooked on ‘tigerblood.’

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Following their emergence onto the Yorkshire music scene in late 2017, Talkboy have shared ‘Mother’ – a triumphant debut offering.

Another one for the summer playlists, ‘Mother’ sees the six-piece pair their unique brand of playful indie-rock with captivating vocal harmonies. We may have had to wait a while, but it was undoubtedly worth it, as ‘Mother’ lives up to – or, rather exceeds – all expectations. This is a mark of a band who may be new, but know exactly what they’re doing. Talkboy are a force to be reckoned with.

‘Mother’ is out now

Having released their own unique take on ‘Soy Peor’ (one of the biggest songs on the Latin/Spanish hip-hop scene) earlier this year, Madrid’s The Parrots have shared their latest offering – ‘Girl.’

A dose of sun-tinged, sparkling garage pop, ‘Girl’ is a step in a new direction for The Parrots, with the track produced by The Horrors’ Tom Furse. Speaking of his involvement in the track, the band said: “His views and advice while producing our next songs made us take a leap to the next level, and open our minds to new creative visions.” Indeed, ‘Girl’ is a thrilling new step for The Parrots, and hopefully the start of even more exciting things to come.

‘Girl’ is out now. The Parrots’ UK tour dates are to be announced shortly

Back with another slice of no-holds-barred, important but also hugely enjoyable rock’n’roll, Gaffa Tape Sandy have shared ‘Meat Head.’

An attack on the “the type of mind-sets people harbour which involved believing that they somehow own or have the right to the body of another person… the reckless attitudes that exacerbate rape culture,” ‘Meat Head’ blends perfect delivery, and a clear, unapologetic message, with an equally clear sense of urgency, passion and frustration. It’s important, exciting and set to propel Gaffa Tape Sandy through the summer and on to even better things.

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