Tracks Of The Week, 03.07.15

Following their last single – 2014’s ‘What’s In It For Me’ – Astrid’s Tea Party have now released ‘Black Swan’. With a track as strong as this it’s easy to get totally distracted by the music; Astrid’s Tea Party describe themselves as ‘Electroshock’, and quite rightly so. With comparisons to the likes of Charlie XCX, Sky Ferreira and even PJ Harvey, Astrid’s Tea Party combine electro influences with a gritty, riot grrrl attitude in ‘Black Swan’, creating something truly mesmerising.

What’s more mesmerising – and what mustn’t go unnoted – is the point behind ‘Black Swan’. Based on the ‘Black Swan Theory’, which describes “the disproportionate impact of unforeseen events”, Astrid’s Tea Party take the theory and give it a cozier, more accessible outlet, applying it to situations like Brighton Amnesty International protests, trans acceptance and the Free The Nipple campaign.

This is a follow-up that was most definitely worth the wait – perfection both musically and ideologically, ‘Black Swan’ is a bold example of how to make a bloody good single.

Taken from their EP of the same name (released last month), alternative-pop sibling trio The Cadbury Sisters present us with ‘Sarah’. Named after their mother, it’s a true exploration of the inner strength and confidence needed to overcome certain situations. With folky undertones and hauntingly beautiful harmonies, The Cadbury Sisters stick true to their debut EP (released exactly a year before Sarah), whilst showing that the year has definitely enabled them to grow.

With an air of Fleetwood Mac in the Stevie Nicks-esque vocals, perhaps a further cause for the depth of emotion that comes with the track, the sisters draw on shared experiences to create a beautifully melodic, heart wrenching but simultaneously uplifting track. The Cadbury Sisters have managed to take influences and twist them in a completely original way, the result being a mix of all things sad, empowering and spine tingling. With the ability to write songs like ‘Sarah’, The Cadbury Sisters will never be short of Mother’s Day presents.

Rhyl-based “acid soul, rock n roll” band The Spitting Pips last month graced ears with their latest single ‘Optimist Junkie’.

Taken from their second EP, the track is proper guitar-driven, British rock n roll – with raw vocals yelling “If God was a junkie” over heavy riffs, The Spitting Pips continuously impress. A break from the vocals sees funky basslines and guitar solos take centre stage, the ‘acid soul’ part of the band shining through.

Verging on psych-rock but with a darker, more guitar heavy edge, The Spitting Pips are subtly twisting genres in a way that goes almost unnoticed, but certifies their unwavering songwriting ability.

A single taken from one of the most eagerly anticipated debut albums of 2015 – Bully’s Feels Like – ‘Too Tough’ sees Bully’s fearless frontwoman, Alicia Bognanno put on a fantastic performance. With her much-loved warbles over steady guitars, Alicia connects with teenage girls everywhere in a simple sentence: “It’s like you never even wanted it, it’s like you’re too tough to talk it out”. She takes teen heartbreak and turns it into admirable angst, providing indie kids everywhere with a perfect, slightly angry, soundtrack to summer.

Every element remains strong throughout: the band are consistent, but never boring, whilst Alicia’s vocals run wild over the top. It’s angsty, but there’s an air of carelessness in the track, almost as though they wrote it by accident and it turned out to actually be really good. It’s angry, sure, but angry to the point of not caring; a release, something for all heartbroken teens to aspire to.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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