Tracks Of The Week, 06.10.14

With a vigorous, angst-driven, punk-rock energy and pounding beats, Brooklyn’s EndAnd are here to blast into your eardrums with ‘Choked On Beer’. As drums crash, rambunctious riffs roar and the husky vocals of Daniel Fern erupt from the speakers, this is a passionate, anthemic cacophony that will soon be inspiring seething mosh pits worldwide.

Reminiscent of old timers Propagandhi, along with more upbeat pop-punk vibes of bands such as Weezer or Blink 182, EndAnd offer a refreshing blast of energy equipped with their own unique passion and charisma.

EndAnd’s debut album, ‘Fun Times With Shitty People’ is out now.


Having recently announced their currently untitled 12th album, in honour of their beloved late drummer Jon Brookes, The Charlatans are back with a new single.

‘Talking In Tones’ is a wonderfully ethereal, anthemic track apparently about the “telepathy in relationships” (Tim Burgess). Whilst oozing those trademark echoing organs and Burgess’ distinctive resounding vocals, ‘Talking In Tones’ is more atmospheric and electro-fused than past material; it’s an uplifting creation emanating a dreamy, contemplative haze that really is quite “like heaven”.

‘Talking In Tones’ was out on limited edition 7” last week, via The Quietus.

Israeli-born artist, Erel Pilo, has teamed up with folk-rock singer Vinnie Ferra to create something quite magical. The perfect accompaniment to a glowing Autumn day, ‘Balloon’ oozes smooth, enchanting melodies and flowing harmonies, allowing you to quite easily float away – just like said balloon – on its gentle breeze. Reminiscent of Kathryn Williams or Norah Jones, but with a unique delicacy and poignant charm, ‘Balloon’ is a simply dreamy slice of twinkling folk-pop.

Listen to ‘Balloon’ here:

Having first heard The Council Tax Band (an actual band) just last week on Steve Lamacq’s 6music show as a convenient, one minute filler to bring him to the end of his three hours on air, I was immediately intrigued. The appropriately named ‘Jobcentre’ is wonderfully simple (and short), and unavoidably addictive, filling all of its 1 minute, 37 seconds with reverb-filled goodness. Despite simply consisting of the repeated line: “I don’t want to go to the jobcentre today”, this is a jaunty, punk-inspired track offering caustic social comment complete with animated vocals and catchy riffs.

‘Jobcentre’ is the lead track to come from The Council Tax’s forthcoming EP ‘Hannah & Barbara’, out November 3rd. And the band are from Bedford… They must be good.


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