Tracks Of The Week, 07.10.17

“The song explains an internal argument within my own brain as a result of the difficulties that come with balancing the good times and trying to make a difference,” said The Assist frontman Mikey Stanton on their latest release ‘Give It To Me.’

Ironically, it is with their good times that The Assist have made a difference. ‘Give It To Me’ is the latest, biggest release from a band who quite clearly put their heart and soul into their music. It’s feel-good, very good music for those who just want to let go a little bit, and a mark that perhaps The Assist are making more of a difference than they know.

‘Give It To Me’ is out now. See The Assist live:

14 – Lending Room, Leeds
27 – Broadcast, Glasgow

04 – Water Rats, London
18 – Jimmy’s, Manchester
29 – Old Fire Station, Bournemouth w/ The Twang

01 – The Ritz, Manchester w/ The Twang
08 – O2 Academy, Oxford w / The Twang
14 – O2 Academy, Sheffield w/ The Twang
15 – O2 Academy, Newcastle w/ The Twang

Riding the wave of a raucous summer, Plaza have released their new track, ‘Speak It’ – a fittingly raucous end to said summer, but the assertive start to their next chapter.

In the band’s words about “not being concerned with what other people think about what you say or how you act,” ‘Speak It’ is an ode to being yourself, and it seems Plaza are doing that very, very well. Weaving between melodic phrases, and thunderous anthemic choruses, ‘Speak It’ is an exciting taste of what’s to come from the Hartlepool lads.

‘Speak It’ is out now

Hailing from as far afield as Bulgaria and Finland, but finding base, as so many do, in Manchester, Hayes & Y are displaying their travelled sound in new single ‘Always So Simple, Always So Cold.’

Drawing influences from 80s electronica and synth-pop bands, as well as more modern indie influences – Foals spring to mind – ‘Always So Simple, Always So Cold,’ layers such shimmering pop influences over a brooding bassline. The result is something incredibly bright, with just the right amount of sombreness, and a testament to Hayes & Y’s capability.

‘Always So Simple, Always So Cold’ is out now

Following two remarkable singles, The Desert are back with ‘Soulmates.’ The duo, which sees singer-songwriter Gina Leonard and guitarist/producer Tom Fryer put their musical heads together, seem to be riding a wave of pure magic, as ‘Soulmates’ as their third single, the third to truly astonish.

Blending Gina’s souring, but honest, vocals with Tom’s ethereal soundscapes, ‘Soulmates’ is another offering from The Desert that transports us to elsewhere – and a sign that, even if solely in a musical sense, Gina and Tom are perhaps soulmates themselves.

 ‘Soulmates’ is out now

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