Tracks Of The Week, 09.06.17

In ‘To My Lasagne,’ taken from his debut LP My Father Used to Build Sand Sculptures, Daniel Marino introduces us to his new project, Randy’s Got A Playdough Face.

Bouncy, catchy hooks and lyrics that, in all their whimsicalness, are actually really sweet, ‘To My Lasagne’ introduces us to a sound that is reminiscent of noughties indie rock, of Death Cab For Cutie and R.E.M, and angsty teen movies.

Yet despite its nostalgia, ‘To My Lasagne’ has a fuzzy, grunginess that fits perfectly with contemporaries – an edge which sees it more than welcome in 2017. With the album written in a single unique guitar tuning, which Daniel devised solely for this album, ‘To My Lasagne’ is just one of an extremely considered, unique collection of tracks.

My Father Used to Build Sand Sculptures is out now, for free/name your price via Bandcamp and Soundcloud and on  limited edition cassette.

Following the announcement of their debut album Try Not To Freak Out, Norway’s Sløtface have shared their new track ‘Nancy Drew.’

With the band reimagining the teen detective as the vanquisher of indie rock’s boys’ club, vocalist Haley Shea spits the lyrics, “My girl is wiping slates clear / And I long for the look / And a soundtrack of women who all know what’s up / I keep hearing their cherry bombs through the walls,” over explosive guitars.

Amidst an album which Haley says is “full of things we’re worrying about,” ‘Nancy Drew’ is a dose of positivity and empowerment, in the form of an insanely cool female superhero.

Try Not To Freak Out is due on 15 September. Pre-order here: SLOTFACE.NO

The title track of their upcoming EP, SLOES’ ‘All In The Mind‘ is a gorgeous introduction to the London band.

Almost reminiscent of the ocean, ‘All In The Mind’ pairs grand, brooding vocals with ethereal harmonies. Building from an intro that feels almost electronic, ‘All In The Mind’ journeys into an otherworldly, folky masterpiece; a blend of soaring lead vocals and delicate violins. The result: a track that is both uplifting and thoughtful, fit for both festival stages and soothing lullabies.

 All In The Mind EP is out 7 July. And you can catch Sloes live at the following dates:

8 July – British Summertime Festival, Hyde Park
9 July – Somerset House (supporting Goldfrapp)

Alongside the announcement of the release of their new album Teenage Grown-Ups, California’s Lovely Bad Things, have shared a new video for the title track – and if you didn’t fall in love with the track after its initial release, you’re sure to now.

Keeping true to their name ‘Teenage Grown-Ups’ sees Lovely Bad Things embody their spirit: slacker vibes, nostalgia and an overwhelming sense of loveliness. It’s humorous, but not so the track becomes a joke. Rather, in a way that it is hugely uplifting. Think 90s grunge, with pop-sensibilities; and a whole lot of fun.

EP Homebodied out now on Burger Records.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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