Tracks Of The Week, 17.02.17

It takes all of about 10 seconds for Shrinking Minds’ latest single ‘Something Better’ to really kick in; about 20 seconds more and you’ll be completely gripped.

‘Something Better’ is pure energy, the mark of a band who are building a reputation not only based on their talent but their passion for what they’re doing. Raucous, unapologetically in-your-face but simultaneously incredibly fun ‘Something Better’ is a true musical adrenaline hit. There’s nothing better than getting properly excited about new music, and ‘Something Better’ is certainly something to shout about.

‘Something Better’ is out 3 March

Ida Wenøe’s talent is something remarkable, and in her latest offering – ‘Lyla’ – she presents a track so bewitching it’s difficult to imagine anyone actually capable of doing so. Rather, it seems like it’s been plucked from some magic well of haunting sounds.

But Ida has made it herself; and in all the bewitching and Americana/folklore-esque elements, she keeps a certain honesty and realness in her songwriting. She manages to transcend boundaries, with apparent nods to English folk, and her Danish homeland – as well as some other ethereal place. It’s difficult not to gush about ‘Lyla’, but it’s definitely worthy of it.

 Ida Wenøe’s album Time of Ghosts is out 7 April

Brought together by an ear for catchy melodies a few years ago, Mountain Bike have continued to make just that: incredibly catchy, addictive tunes. In ‘This Lonely Place,’ Mountain Bike pair said melodies with a sort of deadpan wit, bad dancing and an admirable nonchalance.

Recorded alongside the rest of the upcoming album in a 17th century barn, ‘This Lonely Place’ is a perfectly quirky dose of garage rock. Fun, hook-laden but most importantly, extremely laidback it’s an exciting taste of what we can expect from the album.

About Too Sorry For Any Sorrow is released on March 3rd

Following from their first single ‘Miss Maggie May,’ Camden’s The Garage Flowers have – thankfully – wasted no time in giving us a second taste of what they can do. ‘Nothing’s Gonna Get Me Down Today’ is The Garage Flowers to a t. Feel good lyrics teetering the line between cool and cheesy in a way that only they can get away with, and an accompanying video of the band gallivanting around Camden, embody the band’s spirit.

Yes, it’s cool – it’s gritty as f*ck and carries one of the strongest sounds I’ve heard for a while – but it’s equally as optimistic in its sing-a-long nature and shouts of “get up / get up.” It won’t be long before these Camden lads take over the world.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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