Tracks Of The Week, 19.08.17

Taken from their upcoming record Run, ‘North Lynx’ is an enticing first look into Prawn’s return.
Swelling from hypnotic guitars to a riotous climax, ‘North Lynx’ shows a band who are returning with a refreshed, relentless energy.

Though with hints to the emo world they’re often associated with, ‘North Lynx’ sees Prawn refine their sound into something that’s truly their own. It’s hard to pin ‘North Lynx’ down, but really, we shouldn’t be. What it does most importantly is set an exciting tone for what’s to come.

Run will be released on September 22nd 2017 via Topshelf Records.

We’re avid Estrons fans here at Gigslutz, made easier by the fact that they’re yet to release something that falls even the slightest bit short of fantastic. Latest in their on-going string of brilliance: ‘Glasgow Kisses’ – the first track taken from an upcoming double A-side.

Punching, frantic and utterly massive, ‘Glasgow Kisses’ is a wall of unrelenting sound. With singer Taliesyn Kallstrom describing the track as a “nursery rhyme about adult life,” about “how people protect themselves by hiding their emotions,” ‘Glasgow Kisses’ is made for letting go: listen loud and with your hair down.

‘Glasgow Kisses’ is the first single to be released from
double a-side ‘Glasgow Kisses’/’Cold Wash.’

Shortly after their phenomenal Move Your Feet EP, Maker are back with Girl Quit Your Crying, an EP of raw, soulful rock ‘n’ roll.

Setting the precedent, the title track mixes bluesy piano lines (recorded on the same piano as ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’) with dramatic pauses and gravelly vocals. While it may sound like the perfect recipe for a blues track, there’s something more to ‘Girl Quit Your Crying,’ a driven determination that gives it an edge and brings it powerfully into 2017.

Girl Quit Your Crying is out now.

With her debut LP Garden of Beasts out next month, Candice Gordon is preparing us for what’s set to be a completely compelling debut. The latest release from the album ‘I Belong To The Night’ is dark (indeed, the entire album is influenced by Candice’s move to Berlin and the inescapable dark history that comes with it.) It’s foreboding and heavy, but it’s beautiful; and it’s hypnotic.

Using a wealth of instruments, Candice has created a sonic landscape, a wall of sound that completely encases you. And it’s built intense anticipation for the upcoming debut.

Garden of Beasts is due out 8 September.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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