Tracks Of The Week, 21.10.16

Featuring members of The Duke Spirit, Oh Ruin and Memory Maze, London supergroup Oh800 have released their first single ‘Character Building’.

‘Character Building’ shows Oh800 to be truly deserving of the ‘supergroup’ title – a whimsical take on crap jobs and unpaid internships, Oh800 take something not only mundane, but a little demoralising and make it fun.

Musically reminiscent of Eno and Byrne, but lyrically something that resonates with us all – “I’ve had it up to here with character building/ ‘it won’t pay you much at first/ but may lead to something interesting’/ ‘We don’t have much of budget/ but it could be good experience for you’” – ‘Character Building’ is the perfect balance of hilariously relatable, and sonically exciting.

 ‘Character Building’ is out now via Infinite Jest Records.

After a packed out summer that saw The Vryll Society take to Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds and End of The Road, the psych rockers made their way back to the studio – and graced us with their latest single ‘A Perfect Rhythm’.

‘A Perfect Rhythm’ seamlessly encapsulates the bands psych influences, from Tame Impala to The Horrors, while simultaneously creating something super fresh. Pairing hypnotically harmonised vocals with intricately weaved guitar and bass, ‘A Perfect Rhythm’ is haunting and entrancing in all the right ways. Impeccably executed, the track c Records.proves that just as they can spend a summer gigging, The Vryll Society have the studio sound down to a T.

‘A Perfect Rhythm’ is released on 4 November via Deltasonic Records.

Written by singer Tali Källström after overhearing two men bragging about women they’d slept with, Estron’s ‘I’m Not You Girl’ is a riotous anthem exploring “insecurities and that cesspool of crap surrounding teenage emotions that still exist in your 20s and 30s.”

Direct, both lyrically and in its breakneck, fuzzy, confrontational music, ‘I’m Not Your Girl’ is a powerful riot grrrl anthem – a sensitive insight into the thoughts and feelings we all go through, wrapped up in a noisy, snarling, riff-heavy package.

Estron’s EP She’s Here Now is out 4 November.

Catholic Action are cool. Not in a painful, unapproachable way, but rather in a witty, effortless way. Case in point, ‘Rita Ora’- the band’s track about, well, Rita Ora, is out now with a video to match.

With singer Christ McCrory saying he wrote the song simply because she had a certain ‘musicality’ to her name, and the video featuring some questionable amateur drawings of Rita, ‘Rita Ora’ is, while amusing, actually a bloody good track. Having found itself on the playlists of Annie Mac and Huw Stephens, ‘Rita Ora’ is endlessly addictive, striking the balance perfectly between candied melodies and cool-as-sh*t riffs; between pop and rock.

‘Rita Ora’/’Breakfast’ is available on 7” vinyl now via Luv Luv Luv Records.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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