Tracks Of The Week, 22.07.18

Taken from her debut EP, ‘Lost At Home’ is the perfect introduction to Austel.

With the track plucked from an EP which tackles upheaval, of leaving safe spaces, the disintegration of a long-term relationship and the emotional turmoil that comes with all of these things, there’s a sense of insecurity in ‘Lost At Home.’ But with Austel’s gorgeously wistful vocals there’s a sense of calm in it – a sense of hope that at the end of it everything will be okay. And if we have Austel’s voice carrying us through, it definitely will be.

 Austel’s debut EP Unfold is out now

Following the release of a mini-album in March, Second Hand Poet (the secretive moniker of Jamie Tipson) has shared the video for ‘Loving You.’

A track that Tipson says has evolved over the years, he explains: “Originally a love song, the song went unreleased over such a long period that it ended up being a song about hope in the aftermath of a love that disappeared between two people. I’ve likened it before to dressing up a corpse to look its absolute finest before its final resting place – it’s an almost closure to the past.” The result – a melancholic, but undeniably beautiful offering.

‘Loving You’ is out now

Ready to blow your mind, JW Paris have shared their brand new release ‘Darker Side of Paradise.’

Alongside lyrics that reflect the addictive aspects of both hedonism and the escapism associated with fame and celeb culture, JW Paris offer a no-holds-barred, unrelenting dose of noise. With nods to brit-pop, but with a rougher edge, ‘Darker Side of Paradise’ is an exhilarating three-and-a-half minutes that seems to be over before you know what’s hit you, and it leaves you wanting more.

‘Darker Side of Paradise’ is out now

Her first release since signing to East West records, Irish favourite Áine Cahill has shared her new single ‘Beauty is a Lie.’

Seeing Áine call out “the bullshit we see day to day on social media, she explains further of the track: “People only show an edited version of themselves, the side they think is ‘the best,’ but this is the world we are living in. I hate it, but I love it at the same time,”

In doing so, Áine’s created a raw, honest and incredibly powerful track – an ethereal and sensitive offering, and, from Áine,  we’d expect nothing less.

‘Beauty is a Lie’ is out now

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