Tracks Of The Week, 22.05.15

Channelling a razor-sharp, extremely poignant Chvrches sound, is Aylee‘s startlingly atmospheric new track, ‘Learn To Swim’. The title-track from the forthcoming Learn To Swim EP is one of the freshest outlooks on pop music, squaring up to the idea that this somewhat-forbidden genre isn’t just dominated by emotionless puppets. The Scottish songstress, who is about to plunge into the whirlpool of the mainstream, may say it’s time to ‘Learn To Swim’, but it seems Aylee already firmly grasps the taught talent, brought about through the beautiful sounds of ‘Learn To Swim’.

A honey pot of chaotic destruction, melodic mess and sweet smelling excitement: take caution when entering the world of Cassels. The duo, Jim and Loz Beck, may only have five diversely different tracks on their Soundcloud page, but they’re rapidly becoming one of the UK’s bands to watch. As the hype grows, so does the intenseness of Cassels’ offerings. The latest, ‘Hating Is Easy’, matches sparkling wordplay with dysfunctional, jutting guitar riffs to create a holy hot mess. Breathtakingly unique and strangely satisfying, sink your teeth into Cassels’ ‘Hating Is Easy’ – there’s no way you could be disappointed.

Taken from Shamir‘s genre-defining debut album – the culturally-appropriately titled, Ratchet – is ‘Make A Scene’. A song throwing electronic exploration into the simplistic unknown, ‘Make A Scene’ reeks of smooth grooves and effortless sophistication. With the sound of the Brooklyn boy being so startlingly individual, it’s no surprise that ‘Make A Scene’ instantly pricks up ears, gets feet shuffling and tunes the mind onto one idea: Shamir is the coolest cat prowling around the experimental music scene. You can purchase the pioneering Ratchet now.

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It seems that the days of lethargic, laid-back guitar riffs, doe-eyed  dreaming and cushioned vocals are over where Birmingham’s brightest stars, JAWS, are concerned. Replacing the vacant space in the band’s artillery are bold, brash and biting snarls, in the form of ‘Bad Company’. The four-piece have evolved and matured dramatically since the likes of ‘Donut’ and ‘Stay In/Stay Out’, and suddenly the future of this band seems to be under blinding lights. Giving a crystal-clear insight of what we can expect to hear on the follow-up record to 2014’s Be Slowly, ‘Bad Company’ is nothing less than an exciting insight into the kooky world of Jaws.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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