UV Festival – A message from the organisers to Gigslutz readers!

The aims of UV Festival

The concept of UV Festival is pretty simple; bring friends together to enjoy electronic music within the quaint, rustic  surroundings of New House Farm. Of course, we heighten the experience with UV paints, amazing lighting and lazers, random daytime activities, silent disco, great food, cheap booze, and of course incredible electronic music. But the focus really is to ensure the vibe remains true to who we are – friends hosting an epic party!

The festival started much like Hijacker Records did, during a conversation over a few beers at a house party a couple of years ago. A small sound rig and a little UV paint was enough to elevate the evening from being a standard house-party to something far more memorable.  We started thinking – imagine how cool it would be if we could put on a party with the same concept but on a much larger scale, so that’s exactly what we did.  After a serious amount of hard work, and persuading everyone we knew that it wasn’t just going to be a gazebo in a field with one of us using a torch for a strobe light, we hosted the inaugural UV Festival as the first showcase event for Hijacker Records.  

Over the next 3 years, we hope to expand the festival into a multi-stage event, integrating various arts and media avenues. But for 2013, we are keeping things simple with some unbelievably talented musicians and DJs on show.

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words, so why not watch the documentary from last years event: “UV: Birth Of A Festival”. Made entirely using footage from festival-goers’ mobile devices, the documentary highlights the hard work, challenges and rewards that go into pulling off a festival – and the subsequent highs and rewards from seeing it become a success. 

We can’t wait to see you there!

Tickets can be purchased from http://www.hijackerrecords.com