VIDEO: Daniel Takes A Train - The Next Bond

VIDEO: Daniel Takes A Train – Sleeping With The Enemy

James Bond producers recently announced a seven-month delay to the release of No Time To Die, leaving distraught fans without the all action movie they’d been waiting for. Send for London band Daniel Takes A Train, who with film company Rolled Sleeves, are on a mission to showcase their own ‘Bond movie’!

Called The Next Bond, the film is a promo for their latest spy-themed single Sleeping With The Enemy and features comedic scenes from an open audition with aspiring 007’s, following Daniel Craig’s announcement that he’s hanging up his white tuxedo for good.

In contrast to the official film, the band’s offering is shorter, cheaper and features around a dozen professional and non-professional actors playing wanna-be Bonds and Bond girls. Actors were recruited in just four days from Star Now talent directory, and ‘Bond number 2’ withdrew on the day of filming leaving the director’s best mate to fill the role.

The top-secret location was a working men’s club in deepest south London and was budgeted at under £600, which included the hire of a smoke machine from Croydon and ‘outside catering’ – some sandwiches and fairy cakes from the local Asda! At just 3.28 mins long, it spares viewers the near three-hour watch-athon of No Time To Die and, more importantly, won’t involve a trip to the local multiplex.

Daniel Takes A Train singer Paul Baker says: “The show must go on. As real Bond lovers we’re frustrated about the news too and had already written the film’s ‘unofficial theme’. Our film gives 007 fans something new to watch before November!

Sleeping With The Enemy can be purchased via the following link