Video Premiere: The Bara Bara Band – ‘Plimsoll’

Over the past seven years, South London folksters The Bara Bara Band have been going from strength to strength, receiving praise from the likes of Folk Radio UK and FATEA Magazine for their debut album and previous two EPs. Now, with the success of their own folk club Tooting Folk, they’ve returned to grace our ears with a brand new album set for release next month.

Taken from the album, ‘Plimsoll’ is an original arrangement of a broadside about the politician of the same name who, in the 1800s, canvassed for better safety on cargo ships where owners were sending sailors off to their deaths to cash in on insurance. Filled with rich lyrical storytelling and intricate musicianship, the lilting harmonies of Ruth and Rupert Browne alongside the rollicking strings of ‘Plimsoll’ make for a vibrant slice of folk, combining age-old tradition with a fresh and innovative sound.

Watch the brand new video for ‘Plimsoll’ here:


The Seeds Inside (The Grapes Upon The Vine), the new album from The Bara Bara Band is out 15 September via Singaround Records. Catch the band live at their album launch at The Harrison, Kings Cross, on 16 September.




Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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