Villains LIVE @ Bassment, Chelmsford, 28.02.14

Following their debut self-titled album release last Monday, the quintet from Essex play their hometown album launch show in Chelmsford, showing off their success and achievement in front of friends, family and new fans. It has been a long time coming for the boys, but the hard work and determination has definitely been worthwhile as they have created a beautiful album and pulled off a bloody fantastic show.

As the club fills up with people, including local friends and family, it’s obvious that Villains do not want to disappoint due to the simple fact that they know the majority of the crowd. However, the second they play that first note, they are in their element and entirely involved in the music. They play the album in full and show off their hard work that has built up over the years.

The choice of venue was exceptional; small and intimate, giving a closer connection between the band and the audience. The atmosphere is electric with people already singing along despite the album only having been released a few days before. You can genuinely see in every ‘Villain’s face that they are happy with the turn out and how people are finally getting to hear what they have been waiting for. Renz is a brilliant frontman:  he has a laid back and effortless persona that makes the audience more at ease with his outbursts of fire and ‘sass’, and creates a performance that is exciting and fun to watch. All of the members are amazing in what they do, everything together sounds spot on.

As I interviewed Matt from the band in January (before the album was released), he stated how hard they have worked and how it’s been a long time coming for the boys  – I believe they truly deserve every single piece of positive recognition they get as they are the nicest guys, so down to earth and worthy of their success. They don’t rub their music in your face; they allow people to digest it and interpret it however they wish. The album itself is a masterpiece with a variation of good solid rock songs which would appeal to the fans of Mallory Knox, Young Guns, Don Broco, Blitz Kids and many more. LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM NOW.


1. The Ways I Tell Them

2. Wicked Ways

3. The Fall

4. We Have Capture

5. Bleed

6. The Light Out Lives The Star

7. Come Out And Play

8. Visions

9. Sinners

10. The Hardest Part


– Bella Hutton