WATCH: Artbreak – ‘Rosebud’

Indie Rock band Artbreak have smashed through the glass ceiling of the music industry, as Alex Turner once said, with the future anthem ‘Rosebud’. Primarily resembling Catfish and the Bottlemen with their energetic drum introductions, the earthy lead vocals send you on a time travelling journey – a purely unique, quirky, yet satisfying voice which completes the bands sound as a whole.

Assuming, due to quality, that the highlight of the track will be the entrance, the catchy chorus surprisingly betters the track even further. Enhancing the number even more so with the complimentary guitars adjacent to the vocals, ‘Rosebud’ is without a doubt a hit.

Bursting with unexpected heavy rock guitar riffs, the enthusiasm of this band shines through their music. With this being the first taster, there is certainly great things to come from this South London band.

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