WATCH: Future War Bride – ‘Gloves Off’

If you’re not already awake, after listening to the new track from Danish four-piece Future War Bride, I can assure you – you will be. These guys are taking pysch-pop to a new level with their track ‘Gloves off’- with hints of The Horrors and a bit of Johnny Marr in the mix, it’s a record you can’t miss hearing.

The song packs a punch from the off, with a glorified crunchy bass tone that smacks you right in the teeth; and, accompanied by a shrill but lovely-sounding synth riff, you just can’t help but listen on until the end.

The band have been tipped by a handful of radio stations and online magazines, and after hearing this tune you’ll be able to hear why. This song’s got it all: meaningful lyrics portrayed through brilliantly produced vocals, and a rocksteady groove you can really get your teeth into… I’d watch out for this band if I were you!  

Watch the new video for ‘Gloves Off’, the new single from Future War Bride, here:

Jimmy Ingham