WATCH: HEZEN – ‘Oil Fire’

London-based French producer and songwriter Sarah Hezen, aka HEZEN, prides herself on creating sweeping, emotion-strewn electronica. With her debut EP set for release at the end of this week, she draws heavily on fantastical ideas, as well as more topical issues such as stereotypes of femininity. An inspired collection of tracks, the EP is a haunting, deeply stirring creation.

Ahead of the EP’s release, HEZEN has shared a new video. A powerful offering, ‘Oil Fire’ flows with glitchy beats evoking the emotive trip-hop style of Massive Attack, alongside Hezen’s own spine-tingling, impassioned vocals.

Created by the artist on her iPhone, the video is a raw, almost disturbing, accompaniment to this intense track.

Watch the new video for ‘Oil Fire’ here:

Stigma, the new EP from HEZEN, is out 27 January.

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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