WATCH: LOWLA – ‘Reckless’

Channeling the likes of Grimes and Sky Ferreira, new alt-pop duo Lowla create twinkling, impassioned offerings that are just as good to dance to as get immersed in their emotive content.

Having just released their debut single last week, Lowla have now shared a brand new video for ‘Reckless’ and have told us all about it here:

For the ‘Reckless’ video, we wanted to create something funny, strange and provocative with a big focus on art direction using bright popping colours and various textures. We worked with an amazing team led by Josefin Malmen to create the video.

It was important for us to cement in those ’90s references and influences using props such as the old school phones and camera. For the styling, of course, it was all about denim, crop tops, scrunchies and chokers (basically all our favourite things!). We wanted something stylised with interesting visuals without an obvious narrative per say – something fast paced and badass. The ‘Saved By The Bell’-esque graphics were particularly important and transport the viewer back to their favourite ’90s TV show opening titles. 

The song is about breaking up with your breakup; moving on, being bold and being awesome. The three women in the video stories are vaguely connected – we see them searching for something, and at times almost ready for a battle stuck in an alternative world interspersed with the contrasting dreamy visuals of the open road, of freedom. 

The final image we see is a fake hand falling to the floor, something that we see as a visual representation for leaving the past behind, moving on from the dead weight, shedding your skin. 

Big thank you to Josefin and her team for pulling this off!