WATCH: Shystie shares visuals for ‘Let Me Go’

With the track set for release in early 2015, Shystie has shared the emotional visuals for her latest single ‘Let Me Go’.

Artists can often be accused of making music videos that don’t relate to the audio they’re supporting and simply offer an opportunity for the artist to showcase themselves to their audience. ‘Let Me Go’, however, is far from a case of self glorification as Shystie, who only appears in the video for a matter of seconds, has chosen to use a film-like story to support the music and let the track do the talking for itself. The spotlight in the video is on a couple who seem to be in the perfect relationship, but after one of them makes a big mistake, everything comes crashing down!

As with Shystie’s last track ‘Stop’, this latest offering is again produced by Deanyboy and features his sister Jalissa on the hook. Talking about her relationship with the sibling duo, Shystie said,

We really work well together and I feel like if you work well together then just do more of it. You know when you see people get a number one with someone and they gel really well, then they go and do something with someone else and you think ‘just give us some more’. We just got back in the studio together and worked on this one. I’ve been working together with other producers too though, like Rymez, Teeks and Chocolate Puma”.

When asked about how her sound has developed from when she first came into the public eye ten years ago, Shystie explained,

“It’s different. I’m growing and evolving and I don’t wanna just be the same person for ten years doing the same thing. So even in five years time my sound will be different to how it is now. I just work with energies, so if there’s a song that has a crazy energy and I feel it, I just wanna write to it. Music is about having fun and letting your inhibitions go with it. It has to be feel-good music that feels good to me”.

With her EP Exhalation due out in the first quarter of 2015 and if ‘Let Me Go’ and her previous single ‘Stop’ are anything to go by, Shystie is set to have a hugely successful 2015 and for all the work that she has put in over the last ten years, it is thoroughly deserved!

Check out the video for the track below and let us know what you think via Twitter and Facebook.

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

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Matt Tarr