Why Music is so Important in Modern Online Bingo


As one of the longest-standing games still played today, bingo is no stranger to seeing the world change. While the evolving world might have outdated or alienated some games, bingo has only become more popular. So, why is bingo different? Though many elements are playing into this equation, what we want to look at today are the contributions from that thing we love most – music.

The Many Forms of Modern Bingo

The only problem with modern bingo, if we want to call it that, is that everything around the game itself is so varied. We’re given so much choice, and music is a prime example of this element in action. Of course, it’s far from the only one.

Consider what options are available to a modern player who want to play a few founds of jackpot bingo online. Here, players are given the choice of a whole range of themes, from licenced games like Deal or No Deal to original creations like Galactic Girls Jackpot and Rhino Rampage. Each of these aims for a different feel, and tying this feel together, more often than not, is the music.

The Backbone of Music

Of all of music’s strengths, few are as important as its ability to bring us together. We are social animals, after all, so it’s only natural that bonding is so critical. In the world of bingo, this component leaned on heavily because of how crucial a part the social element plays.

In the traditional offline forms of bingo, a feeling of community was easier to foster. By simple means of physical proximity, you could experience closeness with other players, but in online bingo, this avenue alone is not possible. Live chat solved part of this issue, even extending what was available traditionally by letting us talk with all players and not just those next to use.

Music rounded out the atmosphere by affording a certain mood to the gameplay experience. In a game like Deal or No Deal, this drew a direct parallel to the music of the game show, giving all players the feeling shared by so many millions of viewers over the years. In this way, enjoyment leaned on nostalgia, and the many conversations we’ve had about Deal over the years.

For something like Shaman Spirit, a different direction was taken. In this original game, the music is far calmer and more relaxing. While Deal or No Deal might serve to excite and keep chat lively, Shaman Spirit is directed at players looking for a tranquil play session. As with Deal, the chat would reflect this, with players being guided towards a more cooperative form of communication.

Music in bingo is about more than filling in a blank space of quiet. Working with a graphical theme and the chat environment, it guides players to a mood, giving context to what might otherwise feel shallow or sterile. As an illustration of how far the online bingo industry has come, music marks one of the most appreciable aspects. The contributions of music to bingo might seem humble to the outsider, but ask any enthusiast and they’ll tell you it’s anything but.