World Meditation Day @ fabric, London, 15.05.18

fabric is the place that has been through thick and thin, coming out on top after facing the closure two years ago. Each year the award-winning venue continues to prove how the dance scene is so much more than clubbing, as said by The Guardian after its closure: “A good club fosters community, solidarity, liberation and a sense of collective joy. ”

It’s for this reason that there was no place else to hold this year’s World Meditation Day event, swapping the usual stomping-ground dance floor to a place of serenity.

It was that day we were given an insight as to what fabric would look like if it stayed open an extra day, in aid for all those ravers to relax on the dancefloor, re-charging their health for their journey home. Still lit with the same renowned fabric lights, hundreds of hedonism-chasers sat on the dancefloor, whilst avid meditator and top figure in the house and techno scene, B.Traits, had mixed together a set euphoric enough to relax even the most stressed of folk.

All whilst still celebrating his game-changer of a book ‘The Effortless Mind’ and its launch, Will Williams, master of all things calm – or Campaign Against Living Miserably – had led us through London’s largest guided meditation. To open your eyes and watch as hundreds of people from all walks of life, from all levels of experience, completely immerse themselves in utter tranquillity, was a beautiful thing.

Whether meditation is something that comes naturally, or a train of tangled thoughts stop you from reaching the point of total relaxation, Will had still shone his wisdom upon the crowd, asking us to concentrate on gratitude and those we love, thus leaving us in a happier state than before.

Drawing the night to an end after rushing from Manchester, was hip-hop royalty Akala. With absolute grace and intelligence, the spoken-word poet/hip-hop artist gave us an intimate performance, some tracks were taken from his innovative Comic Book EP, pulling tears from us in the crowd.

There is no question as to why Akala had been invited to the prodigious event, with a mind so full of information passed down from theorists and authors, he sees beyond the horizon, a gift many of those who meditate have. World Meditation day, thanks to the likes of Will Williams, had gained the energy of those hundreds that sat cross-legged in fabric. It was a strange yet wholesome scene, without a doubt a scene that changed many perspectives on life.

Ruby Munslow

Ruby Munslow

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