ALBUM: Fuzzystar – ‘Telegraphing’

Edinburgh based artist Andy Thompson, AKA Fuzzystar, has just released his brand new album, Telegraphing. To sum it up in four words, it’s a lyrical masterpiece. If you’re a sucker for hearing that Scottish accent that made us fall in love with the likes of Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic, then this album’s for you!

Telegraphing tells us a wonderful story about love, loss and loneliness using the beautiful contrast of upbeat scuzzy melodies and melancholy lyrics that we can all painfully relate to.

Uptempo indie-rock beats will hook you in with catchy riffs found in ‘Angel Transported’, and leaving us with sorrowful lyrics to melt our cold hearts – listen out for  “looking back to things we could’ve had” found in ‘Eagles’ and “getting older, felling lost. Missing you, sleeping alone” from ‘Birthday Morning’.

The album gives a lot of variation that can appeal to everyone; from sweet, gentle tunes like title track ‘Telegraphing’, to stripped back, raw recordings like ‘Spotlight’, and tracks to dance to like ‘Superhero’.

When asked which song was hardest to finish in an interview with Zap! Bang! Magazine, Thompson answered with ‘Lone Star State’, saying that “it’s a bit of a slow-builder and we were chasing the live vibe of it, when it works right it feels like there’s different currents driving underneath.”  You can hear the creativity that’s gone into the track and it’s definitely a highlight on the album.

A lot of time and thought went into recording Telegraphing, with the very first idea starting back in 2008. Ultimately, the album is about growing up, moving places, being apart from friends, and falling in and out of love – stuff we can all relate to. So, plug those headphones in, switch off and just listen. Get lost in its lyrical beauty and musical richness.

Telegraphing, is out now via Satellite Sounds.

Melody Johns