ALBUM: Rag ‘n’ Bone Man – ‘Human’

Rag ’n’ Bone Man’s new album, Human is a fantastic combination of Rory Graham’s incredibly soulful voice, mixed with modern beats which echo his earlier days of making hip-hop.

The album is packed full of authentic beats alluding to genres ranging from hip-hop to gospel and even features a cheeky a capella track to conclude.

While in his teens in Uckfield, Graham was formerly known as Rag ‘n’ Bonez. More recently, after his dreams of becoming an MC in the drum and bass scene didn’t work out, people have grown to love him for his soulful tones and his hit single Human – the album’s excellent opener.

Bitter End’s melodic chorus allows Graham to show off his impressive vocal range, while Be The Man’s hip-hop vibe reflects back to his time singing in Rum Committee.

Love You Any Less is written about an old girlfriend who was very insecure and wouldn’t leave the house – he thought that he could help her but couldn’t.

The album slows down in with Odetta as he sings ‘don’t you know that you saved this young man’s soul’ – penned about a friend of his daughter. His powerful voice throughout and is ever so beautiful.

With an incredibly catchy chorus, Ego is a highlight of the album, featuring a rap which is a fantastic reflection of his musical roots.

The melodic As Are You – written to another girl – is refreshing to hear the line ‘I promise to take you as you are’ in the social media obsessed world that we live in. It’s the kind of song that even on your first listen, will make you want to throw your arms in the air and sing along.

All in all, this is a wonderful album.

Katie Rodgers

Katie Rodgers

Katie Rodgers

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