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NEWS: THE CORAL's Paul Molloy releases Dungaree Day

NEWS: THE CORAL’s Paul Molloy releases Dungaree Day

Like “Wild Bill Hicock arm-wrestling Davy Jones in the Jolly Roger” The Coral’s Paul Molloy releases the first single from his debut solo album Vignettes of dark humour, literary drama and unscreened soundtracks feature in the river-deep debut solo album from Paul Molloy,…

NEWS: Tom Meighan Leaves Kasabian

Sad news has just been announced regarding Leicester’s rock gods Kasabian: Kasabian have announced today that Tom Meighan is stepping down from the band by mutual consent.Tom has struggled with personal issues that have affected his behaviour for quite some…

NEWS: Rockfield: The Studio On The Farm film

REVIEW: The Rockfield Studios Film

The legendary Rockfield Studios situated in Rockfield, Monmouth in Wales has a detailed and varied history of musicians making the pilgrimage to its hallowed walls to record unforgettable music, some of the stories and music has now been compiled together…

NEW MUSIC: Michael Robert Murphy - Out Of Sight

NEW MUSIC: Michael Robert Murphy – Out Of Sight

Michael Robert Murph​y has always found a home as a songwriter living inside his own head, and it has become apparent, that his musical path has been ultimately leading to a solo project. Cut from the same Merseyside cloth as​ The…

REVIEW: Dr Who - The Underwater Menace vinyl

REVIEW: Dr Who – The Underwater Menace vinyl

A flying police box, with alien beings in sparky fish outfits, plus octopuses, killer sharks and all manner of shenanigans in the time it takes to play all sides of this new vinyl  releases via Demon Music Group, this is…