If you are after work being commissioned via Gigslutz then this is your one-stop shop of who to contact and what best to contact them about.  Below are our entire editorial team, their roles, their specialities and what they can aid you with.  While we may not respond immediately – due to pitch meetings, content creation times and having to unchain ourselves from laptops and sleep at some point in the day – you can rest assured knowing we do consider and read everything that enters our inboxes.

Editor: Steven Aston stevegigslutz@gmail.com

Give Steve a message regarding festival enquiries and collaborations, getting live, EP & album review coverage as well as photography requests, general administration and Gigslutz site questions.

Deputy Editor: Becky Rogers beckygigslutz@gmail.com

Talk to Becky for everything new-music orientated.  New single releases, video and track premiers, songs of the week submissions and why your band, artist or singer should be featured on our website.

News Editor: Lottie Stuart lottiegigslutz@gmail.com

Get in touch with Lottie with all things news related.  Whether it is tour announcements, album release details, festival line-up drops or just to get your news spread far & wide.

Features Editor: Laviea Thomas lavgigslutz@gmail.com

Drop Laviea an email pitching features for the site.  She deals with interview requests, the Gigslutz Youtube channel, opinion pieces, long-reads and getting in the back of vans with the band.

Founders: Steven Aston and David Ham

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